30 years of AppleComputer

19984 - Apple Macintosh
1997 – 20th anniversary macintosh

A nice article on designboom.com, I've used so many of these :)

"Apple presents 30 years of mac, highlighting 3 decades of tech design

Thirty years ago, apple introduced the macintosh with the aim to put the creative power of technology in everyone’s hands. in 1984, most people didn’t even know how to use a computer.

Thanks to the simple interface of the macintosh, users learned to navigate what is now a ubiquitous technology. the software and design was approachable and friendly; the start-up screen initiated with a smiley face that greeted you. there were folders that looked like file folders, and a trash can for throwing things away. with the click of a mouse, you could suddenly do the unimaginable. you could move things around on the screen, change the way they looked, combine words with images and sounds, and create like never before. a new era had begun."

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