This looks like a nice game in the same alley of the old Myst game from Broderbund where you can freely walk around the island and solve the puzzles to unravel the mystery. It looks beautiful and lots of fun! It will be released end of 2014 for the PC and the PlayStation4 simultaneously and for iOS.

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Nice article on interface design and 4 principles of Good Wearable Design

This Is How to Build an Interface for the Ultimate Smartwatch

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Artfully and therapeutic gameplay by breaking everything on your path trough an epic journey in space.
The iOS game has a very nice gameplay and the motions are super smooth from start till end! The music is well integrated and syncs up with the pace of your progress through each level.

"Smash your way through a beautiful futuristic dimension, smashing obstacles and targets in your path and experiencing the best destruction physics on iOS"

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A nice post on from Nick Keppol on the new icon design in os x Yosemite.

"There is a lot more to the new icons than just a fresh coat of paint — the visual language extends far beyond just the gradients.
When 10.10 ships this fall, your users will expect your icons to feel at home in the new system. Rather than critique the icons, I’m going to dissect the icon system and focus on the small details that will help you make icons that look great in Yosemite."

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Sometimes when sharing a display to the appleTV via Airplay, audio will not play over Airplay.
This is an annoying bug...

To fix in 15 sec. :
stop airplay
open the terminal and type: (you will be restarting core-audio)
sudo killall coreaudiod
start airplay, et voila, the audio is there!

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Live Worldcup watching

Cut all the cables but still want to watch the world cup live?
Just use the hola extension for firefox or chrome to spoof your location!

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Need the ~Library folder back in your home folder?
In OS X Mavericks, Apple made it easy to do so. Navigate to your home folder and hit CMD+J to pull up the “View Options” window. You’ll notice a great addition to the palette: "Show Library Folder" !!
It’s that simple – and we're glad to see someone at Apple recognizes that people want access to the Library folder without having to jump through a lot of hoops!!

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AppleTV adhoc and routerless connections

With IOS8 Apple has made yet more improvements to AirPlay in iOS 8 by enabling compatible devices to make direct connections with each other for content streaming. This eliminates AirPlay’s reliance on a Wi-Fi network and fixes one of its biggest limitations.

And if you want to connect now in iOS7 without an airport or wifi base-station, just think outside the box and use your iphones personal hotspot to create your local adhoc AirPlay network:

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new finder icon in OS X Yosemite

Exciting to see the new fresh icons for OS X Yosemite, they’re still easily identifiable, just brighter, and more modernized.
Love it :-)

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Swift, new Xcode programming language for developers

Apple unveils Swift, a brand new Xcode programming language for developers; calling it "fast, modern, safe and interactive," a brand new Xcode programming language that it says is superior to Objective-C.
Swift has complete Xcode support, Swift will be ready for primetime out of the gate.

The Swift language guide is available now in iBooks:

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