iPhone6 roundup of rumors

Rumors rumors, where is the iPhone 6, aren't we always excited about the newest iPhone info leak. Well over at Macrumors they have a nice roundup of all the current iPhone 6 news, foto's and rumors :)
Check it out here: http://www.macrumors.com/roundup/iphone-6/

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Keychain fix it

Love keychain? its a great apple os x little app, and it just works!
Until today when I got a message: "Access to this item is restricted" with some code like -25320

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MacPaint as cloudPaint in the browser!

MacPaint is here again, as cloud paint in the browser!

"If you're up for some Mac nostalgia, or if you just want to get a taste of what it was like to create art on a computer at the beginning of it all, CloudPaint is a great walk down memory lane."
via macobserver: http://www.macobserver.com/tmo/cool_stuff_found/post/finally-macpaint-ha...

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Games, Monument Vally, An illusory adventure of impossible architecture and forgiveness

An illusory adventure of impossible architecture and forgiveness
I love a Game with good design, M.C. Esher Art and great gameplay.

The beautiful puzzle game -- out now for iOS devices -- is a visual expedition through bending perspectives and restrained artistic splendor that's as playful as it is haunting.

"An interactive M.C. Escher print that will blow you away"

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Icon design for early Mac OS, by artist Susan Kare and Digital Design

A nice article about the designer of the first mac user-interface icons and fonts. And a bit about the start of Digital Design of the graphical user interface developed at xerox park and super paint, developed about 40 years ago (1972)...

"Thirty years ago, as tech titans battled for real estate in the personal computer market, an inconspicuous young artist gave the Macintosh a smile."

Read more: http://priceonomics.com/the-woman-behind-apples-first-icons/

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iPhone headphones remote, ten functions you can use your remote for

Ten remote headphones commends for your iPhone:

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Before the iPhone, Apple design Phone, Hartmut Esslinger’s early apple computer and tablet designs

Designboom has a nice article about Hartmut Esslinger’s early apple computer and tablet designs 'apple machine’

"Designboom met hartmut esslinger shortly before his presentation in hong kong and in that occasion we were given the first book copy. he introduced us into the strategic planning of apple and his personal friendship with steven jobs. in this article, designboom takes a look back at esslinger’s designs of the early 80′s, where the images document prototypes, concepts and explorations of apple’s computers, laptops and tablets."

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iOS Mesh-network

Al the techies seem to think that this will revolutionize connectivity and the networkz, no more carrier, just yours and my smartphone :) And it's soo cool when technology just works :)

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iOS, Three nice articles about setting restrictions and privacy in iOS7

Three nice articles about setting restrictions and savvy on your iPhone iOS7. A must read for parents and guardians who should be in charge of how their children interact with, and use technology.

"By putting restrictions in place, we can assure that children, of all ages, are not subjected to content that exceeds their understanding or appropriateness for their age. The restrictions also assist with preventing aspects such as In-App Purchasing, a popular, but often costly, feature of many games on the iOS platform."

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FireChat p2p

Just imagine sharing a file between 2 devices without any wifi router or provider. Now sharing becomes truly p2p. Can't wait for all the new apps that will use this tech!
The technology is already there for years, but now that you can use it in Any iPhone App, this will turn the network upside-down; I imagine dropbox using this, so you can share your local files easily even without being connected. It also should make sharing documents much faster!

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