China Mobile Adds One Million Apple iPhone Users in February

NEW YORK (TheStreet ) -- China Mobile CEO Li Yue said Thursday the wireless carrier added approximately one million Apple (AAPL_) iPhone users in February, according to The Wall Street Journal.

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healthbook icon

Emerging details about Apple’s forthcoming Healthbook app suggest the tech giant is asserting itself as a platform for digital health, a clearinghouse for data that could potentially prove as useful, revealing and lucrative as the ad profiles that drive the online economy today. Read more here:

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Users who are experiencing reduced battery-life on their iOS devices can follow a couple of simple steps to resolve the issue:

Resetting all settings on your phone without erasing content:
- Tap on Settings > select General and scroll down to the Reset option.
- Select Reset and tap on Reset all Settings.
- Enter the passcode if prompted
- The phone should now automatically reboot and reset to default settings.
(This procedure will not erase any content on your device such as apps, photos and other user data.)

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When connected to a remote Mac with Screen Sharing you can copy files by dragging them from a finder window to a finder window on the other mac. The drag and drop will automatically initiate a copy from remote mac to local and reverse.

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Safari, hacked at Pwn2Own

At the Pwn2Own hackers conference this week Safari was defeated by Liang Chen, one of a pair Chinese Keen Team hackers, using a heap-overflow-and-sandbox-bypass combination that took three months to perfect. Sounds solid, Safari you are save :-)

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Round iWatch concept

It's been going around the web for a few days now but I must say it's one of the nicest designs concepts for an iWatch from Apple that i;ve see so far :) Really nice detailed user interface examples and also very nice to be able to wear the watch in different ways as a clip-on ore a hanger. A good designer too follow, see more of Tomás Moyano’s at
See his Apple iWatch Concept in a stunning circular design here ar Behance:

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10 awesome things you didn't know your iPhone could do ?
- How to Stop Autocorrect
- Create Your Own Typing Shortcuts
- Switch Between iMessage Texting and SMS
- Have Siri Insert Punctuation in Your Dictations
- Create Customized Vibrations
- Automate Phone Dialing of Extensions and Pass Codes
- Lock the Camera’s Focus and Exposure
- Change the Shortcut Buttons in the iTunes Store
- Trick Out Do-Not-Disturb Mode
- Zoom In (Accessibility)
Here is the article with more about these 10 tips

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How to Fix an “Unable to Join the Network” Error in iOS

If you can’t join a wireless network because of the “Unable to join the network” error message / alert

In most cases you can resolve the issue with these steps:
1. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings
2. Enter the devices passcode and confirm the reset
3. Let the iPhone/iPad restart, you’ll see a spinning cursor on the device as it finishes the reset before the device boots back on
4. Go back to Settings > Wi-Fi and join the network again

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Just deleting some of the bigger application from the applications folder aignt enough to completely unistall software. If you want to completely get rid of all the application files you have to delete the preferences and application support files and sometimes more.
So to completely unistall software delete the application at the following locations
- Applications folder
- and look for any files and folders with the Application name you want to deletete at these locations:
/Library/Application Support

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Killing the app that you are currently running (force quitting) in iOS 7:
1. Hold down the Sleep/Wake button until the Slide to Power Off control appears
2. Hold down the Home button until the screen blanks and you're returned to the Home screen

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