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Apple has just released iOS 7.1, the first major update for iOS 7 since its launch back in September 2013.
With support for CarPlay. Three car makers have already demonstrated their CarPlay vehicle integration, including Volvo, Ferrari and Mercedes-Benz.
Apple has put up a full page detailing the new features of iOS 7.1.
Nice to see some more details about updates from Apple, see it here:

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Ever wanted to know what was was that process eating all your cpu time, here is an easy overview of the processes running on your mac.

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Now the fast app switcher is replaced by the card view, holding down creates no jiggles and presents no X to force quit the app. So how do you kill apps in the new, carded, iOS 7 world?
1. Double click Home to launch the multitasking cards interface
2. Touch and hold a card and then toss it up and away.
3. Touch and hold multiple cards to toss multiple cards away. (Up to three - the maximum shown on screen at any time).

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I Always forget what was in that zip... Wouldn't it be great if Mac OS X's Quick Look would let you inspect the contents of compressed archives?
With the help of the BetterZip Quick Look Generator, it can.

Download it here, unpack,
- copy the BetterZipQL.qlgenerator bundle to your /Library/QuickLook folder
- restart the finder, or reset quick look in the terminal > qlmanage -r

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The standard quartz filter for pdf compression makes pdf's to small
But you can create your own, fully customises Quartz Filters using your Mac's ColorSync Utility.


For Mavericks the customized compression filters will not show up in Preview.
Fix: copy your filter from /Users/YourName/Library/Filters/
to /Library/PDF Services/ and the quartz filters will be back in preview.

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You can extract audio from a .mov file with quicktime, but it will keep it in the mov container.

To properly extract mp3 audio from a .mov file use mplayer with the "-dumpaudio" option:
mplayer -dumpaudio -dumpfile audio.mp3

more at:
mplayer via ffmpegXbinaries20060307 dumped in bin/

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