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Tesla Launches Charging Station that can be Plugged into A Wall Outlet

The MacObserver - 50 min 30 sec ago

Tesla launched its first charging system that can be plugged into a standard wall outlet using a common NEMA 14-50 plug.

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Apple: Rethinking the iPhone

Mac Daily News - 1 hour 9 min ago

“I had been concerned for several quarters that the battery replacement program would lead to a dent in iPhone sales in 2018. It turns out that I was right, with a recent report stating that as many as 11 million batteries were replaced, roughly 10 times the normal amount,” Bill Maurer writes for Seeking Alpha. “That’s several billion in potential iPhone upgrade revenues pushed out of 2018 and into the future.”

“Perhaps the biggest question I have is what will Apple try to feature most in its iPhone lineup this year?” Maurer writes. “Outside of a triple lens camera for the highest priced model expected this year, there doesn’t seem like a lot of major upgrades Apple can offer in 2019 for its iPhone lineup outside of the usual better processor and perhaps incremental camera upgrades.”

“That gets me to the one area where Apple could make its biggest leap this year, and that is price,” Maurer writes. “Consumers are waiting longer to upgrade since smartphones are so good that many can last. With replacement cycles having gone from two to three years basically, perhaps Apple should rethink the iPhone.”

“What if Apple, with the help of its carrier partners, offered a three-year payment plan instead of the current two-year plan? Yes, I understand that there’s the potential for some lost sales from those who upgrade every two years, but if most consumers aren’t upgrading for three years or more, is there really a major difference?” Maurer writes. “With the high price of the iPhone being a stumbling block for consumers, shouldn’t Apple try to rethink how consumers look at things?”

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MacDailyNews Take: An interesting idea, and likely one Apple has already considered. CEO Cook has promised to be aggressive about the things Apple can control and price is one of those things.

Apple and iPhone carriers odd not have to offer a three-year payment plan instead of the current two-year plan, they should offer three-year payment plans in addition to two-year plans. Heck, offer a one-year plan, too. One size doesn’t fit all. Offer as many options as possible so that at least one offer will appeal to everyone!

What do you think about offering iPhones on three-year payment plans?

Apple Pay Boss to Deliver Keynote at Major Industry Conference

The MacObserver - 1 hour 18 min ago

Apple Pay chief Jennifer Bailey will deliver a keynote address at major payments technology conference TRANSACT.

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2019 iPhone Could Feature 10MP Front Camera, 10MP and 14MP Rear Lenses, No USB-C

MacRumors - 1 hour 38 min ago
Apple's 2019 iPhones could feature upgraded front-facing and rear cameras, redesigned internal layouts, and Lightning ports, according to new details known leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer (aka OnLeaks) shared with Indian site ComparaRaja.

Over the course of the past week, Hemmerstoffer has shown off two possible prototype iPhone designs Apple is allegedly working on, featuring different three camera layouts. Today he's offering up additional information on the cameras we can expect to see in the triple-lens model, which rumors have suggested will be a 6.5-inch OLED iPhone XS Max successor.

One of the alleged triple-lens 2019 iPhone prototypes
One rear camera will be 10 megapixels, while a second will come in at 14 megapixels. The details of the third sensor are apparently unknown. Right now, the iPhone XS and XS Max use two 12-megapixel cameras, one that's telephoto and one that's wide-angle.

Apple will presumably continue using both telephoto and wide-angle lenses, but this information isn't included in the report. The renderings shared by Hemmerstoffer allege that Apple is still trying to decide between a horizontal triple lens camera layout or a square-shaped layout that would position the lenses vertically but staggered.

The front-facing TrueDepth camera system will reportedly use a 10-megapixel camera, up from 7 megapixels in the current version. Prior rumors and renderings have suggested the TrueDepth camera will take up less space on the iPhone's display thanks to optimizations, allowing Apple to implement a smaller notch.

Internally, the 2019 iPhone with a triple-lens camera is said to have a redesigned internal layout with a "less L-shaped battery" that's "almost a big square" with the "logic board located above the battery."

The other the alleged triple-lens 2019 iPhone prototype
Hemmerstoffer says that the two prototype designs he's shared renderings for do not feature USB-C ports, despite rumors suggesting Apple could transition from Lightning to USB-C in the 2019 iPhones.

All of the information from Hemmerstoffer is sourced from these two alleged prototype iPhones that he says are "still in the EVT stage" and have yet to be finalized, so it's not clear yet if this information is accurate.

None of these details have been confirmed by a second source at this point in time either, so we'll need to wait for further leaks to get a clearer picture of the features included in the 2019 iPhone lineup.

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This article, "2019 iPhone Could Feature 10MP Front Camera, 10MP and 14MP Rear Lenses, No USB-C" first appeared on MacRumors.com

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Senator Marco Rubio introduces privacy bill to create federal regulations on data collection

Mac Daily News - 1 hour 40 min ago

“Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) introduced a bill Wednesday aimed at creating federal standards of privacy protection for major internet companies like Facebook, Amazon, and Google,” Renae Reints reports for Fortune.

“The bill, titled the American Data Dissemination Act, requires the Federal Trade Commission to make suggestions for regulation based on the Privacy Act of 1974,” Reints reports. “Congress would then have to pass legislation within two years, or the FTC will gain the power to write the rules itself (under current laws, the FTC can only enforce existing rules).”

MacDailyNews Take: The U.S. Congress has to do something? Looks like the FTC will gain the power to write the rules itself.

“While Rubio’s bill is intended to reign in the data collection and dissemination of companies like Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Google, and Netflix, it also requires any final legislation to protect small businesses from being stifled by new rules,” Reints reports. “The caveat comes when one considers states’ rights to create their own privacy laws. Under Rubio’s legislation, any national regulations would preempt state laws—even if the state’s are more strict. According to Rubio, ‘a state-by-state patchwork of laws is simply not an effective means of dealing with an issue of this magnitude.'”

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“In today’s post-industrial economy, you are the product. Data detailing your every move is why 34-year old Mark Zuckerberg is worth $54 billion, and Google co-founder Larry Page is worth $50 billion,” Senator Marco Rubio writes in an op-ed for The Hill. “Your data is incredibly valuable, and for the most part, it is not even yours. But use of your personal data is governed by antiquated laws that do not work in the modern economy. The time has come for Congress to address consumer data privacy in a candid, responsible and modern manner.”

“The current structure of most privacy policies that users blindly accept protect tech providers instead of user privacy and data,” Rubio writes. “This is unacceptable, which is why I am introducing the American Data Dissemination (ADD) Act.”

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MacDailyNews Take: This sounds like a bill that Apple could get behind.

Bud Tribble, Apple’s Vice President of Software Technology, last year provided the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation Hearing on “Examining Safeguards for Consumer Data Privacy” written Congressional Testimony, dated September 26, 2018. Here it is, verbatim:

Good morning Chairman Thune, Ranking Member Nelson, and members of the Committee. I am honored to be with you for this important hearing and to convey Apple’s support for comprehensive federal privacy legislation that reflects Apple’s long- held view that privacy is a fundamental human right.

My name is Bud Tribble. I am a physician; my research background includes neurophysiology and mechanisms of epilepsy. I am also Vice President of Software Technology for Apple, where I began my career in 1981, working as manager for the original Macintosh Software team. It was an exciting time to be at Apple. Back then, computing was something that was done by third-parties using big mainframe computers until the debut of personal computers like Macintosh. Few people could have imagined a day when they would have a computer in their pockets. And even fewer people could have imagined the amount of personal information that would be flowing in cyberspace.

To Apple, privacy means much more than having the right to not share your personal information. Privacy is about putting the user in control when it comes to that information. That means that users can decide whether to share personal information and with whom. It means that they understand how that information will be used. Ultimately, privacy is about living in a world where you can trust that your decisions about how your personal information is shared and used are being respected. We believe that privacy is a fundamental human right, which should be supported by both social norms and the law.

This approach comes very naturally to Apple. We got our start by ushering in the personal computer revolution—putting the user in the driver’s seat of their own computer. When the Internet began greasing the skids on information flow, it seemed very natural and very important to extend that by putting users in control of their personal information. Apple is about harnessing technology to empower people. We have proved time and again that great experiences don’t have to come at the expense of privacy and security.

At Apple, this has a fundamental effect on how we develop all of our products. Some would call this “privacy by design.” It means that we challenge ourselves to minimize the amount of personal information we collect. Can the information we do collect be less identifiable? Can we process information on the device instead of sending it to servers? We want your device to know everything about you; we don’t feel that we should.

When we do collect personal information, we are specific and transparent about how it will be used. We do not combine it into a single large customer profile across all of our services. We strive to give the user meaningful choice and control over what information is collected and used. We spend a lot of time designing the best way to present those choices and explain them to the user. And finally, we provide strong, easy to use security to help ensure that privacy expectations are not destroyed by bad actors.

These concepts have guided our design process for years because privacy is a core value at Apple, not an obligation or an aftermarket add-on. And these are a few of the concepts that we believe this Committee should consider as it undertakes the important task of drafting comprehensive privacy legislation that protects consumers and encourages continued innovation.

Mr. Chairman, Members of the Committee, thank you for the opportunity to participate in this important hearing.

Apple endorses comprehensive privacy legislation in U.S. Senate testimony – September 26, 2018
Trump administration working on federal data privacy policy – July 27, 2018
California’s data privacy law highlights growing frustration with tech industry – July 17, 2018
U.S. House Republicans demand answers from Apple, Google on privacy, data practices – July 9, 2018
California lawmakers approve data-privacy bill despite opposition from Google, Facebook, advertisers – June 29, 2018

Facebook to Introduce Stricter Rules in Countries Holding Elections This Year

The MacObserver - 2 hours 3 min ago

Facebook will introduce stricter rules on political advertising to a number of countries holding elections this year. The rules and tools aimed at curbing election interference will go live in India, Nigeria, Ukraine, and the European Union. The rollout will begin on Wednesday in Nigeria. Katie Harbath, Facebook’s Director of Global Politics and Outreach, told Reuters that only advertisers located in the country will be able to run electoral adverts there. Rob Leathern, a Director of Product Management at Facebook, also discussed the importance of storing electoral adverts in a searchable library.

We’re learning from every country,” Leathern said. “We know we’re not going to be perfect, but our goal is continuing, ongoing improvement.” Facebook believes that holding the ads in a library for seven years is a key part of fighting intereference, he added.. The library will resemble archives brought to the United States, Brazil and Britain last year.

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Mastercard Plans to Stop Free Trials That Keep Billing You

The MacObserver - 2 hours 25 min ago

Mastercard announced a new policy for merchants who keep your card information after you sign up with a free trial.

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The Bull Case For the FAANGs

Yahoo Finance, AAPL - 2 hours 28 min ago
While their valuations have plunged, forecasts for robust revenue growth close to 20% or higher over the next couple of years may lift stock prices again for many of the FAANGs, per a detailed story in MarketWatch. “We view Alphabet as the global leader in collecting, analyzing, and productizing data, which may be the most valuable skill of the Internet era,” wrote KeyBanc.

More Bad News for Apple as Credit Suisse Cuts Production Estimates

Yahoo Finance, AAPL - 2 hours 35 min ago
Tech and Media Updates: Apple, Comcast, Facebook, and Spotify(Continued from Prior Part)Apple is no longer a market darlingMarket sentiment on Apple (AAPL) has soured considerably over the last three months, shaving off a whopping $400 billion off

Jason Katims signs with Apple in multi-year content deal

Mac Daily News - 2 hours 35 min ago

“Jason Katims is departing his longtime home at Universal TV for a new multi-year overall deal at Apple,” Joe Otterson reports for Variety. “Katims and his True Jack Productions banner will remain at Universal TV until this summer when his current deal expires before making the move to Apple.”

“He has previously created shows like ‘Parenthood,’ ‘Roswell,’ ‘About a Boy,’ and ‘Rise,'” Otterson reports. “Katims is the latest high-profile creator to sign a deal with Apple. Previously, the tech giant’s nascent streaming service signed Justin Lin and his Perfect Storm Entertainment banner to an overall TV deal after he had spent six years at Sony TV.”

“This is also the latest instance of a well-known producer ditching a traditional studio for a rich deal with a streaming service,” Otterson reports. “Netflix has managed to sign Shonda Rhimes, Ryan Murphy, and Kenya Barris away from ABC Studios (Rhimes and Barris) and 20th Century Fox Television (Murphy) in the past few years.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The Hollywood paradigm shift continues!

Apple’s first A24 film ‘On the Rocks’ to star Bill Murray and Rashida Jones, directed by Sofia Coppola – January 15, 2019
Apple inks deal with movie studio A24 to make feature-length films – November 15, 2018
Apple plans to launch TV streaming service first in the U.S., then swiftly expand globally with free original content – October 23, 2018
Apple plans to give away original content for free to device owners as part of new digital TV strategy – October 10, 2018

iPhone X Smart Battery Case Description Referenced AirPower Charging Mat, Now That’s Dissapeared

The MacObserver - 2 hours 43 min ago

A product description for the iPhone X Smart Case referenced the AirPower Charging Mat. Those references have since been removed.

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KeepSolid Launches Family Organizer App

The MacObserver - 2 hours 48 min ago

The Family Organizer app by Keepsolid offers several features, like a family calendar, shopping list, and family task manager. Fill your family calendar with collective and personal events, invite others, and schedule all sorts of activities. The calendar will be synchronized between your family members, allowing everyone to keep track of others’ plans. This is further facilitated by a handful of convenient features and colorful, clear visualization. Create and manage shopping lists, set reminders, and use other handy functionality to ensure that your groceries are done and that they are exactly what you needed. Never again will you lack an important ingredient or have ​unnecessary extra because of some confusion. Assign tasks to family members and track their completion with ease. You will always know how everyone’s faring, whether Lil’ Jimmy visited the dentist, or if someone needs your help. Great feature for everyday planning and collaboration. App Store: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)

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The Apple TV can do so much more than stream Netflix: Impress your friends with these tricks

Yahoo Finance, AAPL - 2 hours 52 min ago
You can meditate, order food and even browse Amazon from your Apple TV. Here's how.

IBM PC Unboxing, Interpreting Watch Data – TMO Daily Observations 2019-01-16

The MacObserver - 2 hours 55 min ago

Kelly Guimont has Bryan Chaffin and Andrew Orr on to discuss the state of IBM PC packaging and how to interpret Apple Watch heart rate data.

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Apple’s digital health plan puts the iPhone and Apple Watch at the heart of your wellbeing

Mac Daily News - 3 hours 2 min ago

“Digital health is where big tech firms want to be right now: from Amazon to IBM, Microsoft to Google, hardware and software companies are scrambling to up their presence in the healthcare sector,” Jo Best writes for ZDNet. “Apple has been quietly expanding into the space for a number of years as its devices and its CEO Tim Cook even recently said that in future the company’s greatest contribution to humanity would be considered to be ‘about health.'”

“The first signs of Apple’s burgeoning interest in health came with the launch of its HealthKit platform and Health app, which debuted alongside the first Apple Watch Back then, it was consumer wellness that Apple was talking about, helping users track their exercise, diet, and other lifestyle metrics, with the idea that if you know how much you’re doing, you might be encouraged to do more,” Best writes. “However, the launch of CareKit and ResearchKit around the same time showed that Apple was also thinking about how to work with medical professionals as well as consumers.”

Apple Watch Series 4 in a Space Black Stainless Steel Case with Space Black Milanese Loop (40mm and 44mm)

Apple Watch Series 4 in a
Space Black Stainless Steel Case with Space Black Milanese Loop (40mm and 44mm)

“While Watches aren’t cheap, they could potentially save insurers by encouraging customers to take up and maintain healthy habits, and so reduce their future healthcare needs. Lack of exercise is a risk factor for developing or exacerbating many chronic conditions; Vitality reports an average 34 percent increase in activity levels for those using the company’s reward scheme which features the Apple Watch,” Best writes. “There are other signs that Apple is looking to become indispensable to insurers.”

Tons more in the full article – recommended – here.

MacDailyNews Take: Smartly, Apple takes health and wellbeing very seriously:

On the healthcare, in particular, and sort of your wellbeing, this is an area that I believe, if you zoom out into the future, and you look back, and you ask the question, “What was Apple’s greatest contribution to mankind?” It will be about health. Because our business has always been about enriching people’s lives. And as we’ve gotten into healthcare more and more through the Watch and through other things that we’ve created with ResearchKit and CareKit and putting your medical records on the iPhone, this is a huge deal. And it’s something that is very important for people. We are democratizing it. We are taking what has been with the institutions and empowering the individual to manage their health. And we’re just at the front end of this. But I do think, looking back, in the future, you will answer that question, Apple’s most-important contribution to mankind has been in health. — Tim Cook, January 8, 2019

Apple’s next really big thing: Health – January 9, 2019
Study shows active Apple Watch users gain extra years of life – November 28, 2018
Apple’s watchOS 5.1.2 will enable electrocardiogram feature on Apple Watch Series 4 – November 28, 2018
John Hancock and Vitality prove Apple Watch incentives boost physical activity rates by more than 30 percent – November 28, 2018
Life insurance companies are luring Apple Watch users with deals – November 16, 2018
John Hancock offers Apple Watch Series 3 for only $25 to all Vitality life insurance customers – October 23, 2017
Apple and Aetna hold secret meetings to bring Apple Watch to the insurer’s 23 million members – August 14, 2017
In major win for Apple, Aetna becomes first insurance company to subsidize Apple Watch – September 27, 2016
New ‘SweatCoin’ iPhone app pays people to get fit – May 5, 2016
Why you’ll wear an Apple Watch to keep your job – March 14, 2016
Share your fitness data for an Apple Watch – or cash – March 2, 2016
Tim Cook hints Apple might build a health device – November 10, 2015
Apple should double down on Apple Watch’s health sensors, battery life, and waterproofing – October 2, 2015
Health insurer will charge more for lazy people, less for active people, based on Apple Watch sensors – September 18, 2015
Dalrymple reviews Apple Watch: ‘My most personal review ever’ – June 16, 2015

[$$] Apple's Guidance on Its Services Revenue Left Analysts With More Questions

Yahoo Finance, AAPL - 3 hours 3 min ago
Inc. this month sparked confusion and frustration among analysts and investors trying to decipher the performance of the company’s services business, fanning lingering concerns about transparency at one of the world’s most closely watched companies. Instead, analysts say, it was with a seemingly backward sequence of financial disclosures from Apple, and a perceived lack of transparency that led to erroneous forecasts by some analysts who cover the company. The confusion centered on Apple’s application of new revenue-accounting rules, which the company had disclosed but not in a way that stuck with many analysts.

PDF Converter OCR 6 for Mac: $19

The MacObserver - 3 hours 11 min ago

We have a deal on  PDF Converter OCR 6 for Mac. This software allows you to make PDFs editable and searchable, while retaining the original layout, graphics, and hyperlinks. You can also scan 27 languages, merge multiple documents, and more. You can get this app for $19 through our deal.

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Apple snags ‘Parenthood’ showrunner for streaming

Yahoo Finance, AAPL - 3 hours 12 min ago
The computer giant has signed Jason Katims and his True Jack Productions to an exclusive multi-year overall deal for its forthcoming video platform.

Universal TV Exec Jason Katims Joins Apple

The MacObserver - 3 hours 22 min ago

Mr. Katims as created moves like Parenthood, Roswell, About a Boy and Rise. He was also involved with Friday Night Lights, Boston Public, and The Path.

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Hunter Killer - Donovan Marsh

Top Movies - 3 hours 44 min ago
Deep under the Arctic Ocean, American submarine Captain Joe Glass (Gerard Butler, Olympus Has Fallen, 300) is on the hunt for a U.S. sub in distress when he discovers a secret Russian coup is in the offing, threatening to dismantle the world order. With crew and country on the line, Captain Glass must now assemble an elite group of Navy SEALs to rescue the kidnapped Russian president and sneak through enemy waters to stop WWIII. Hunter Killer 62065.0 Donovan Marsh $19.99 https://is5-ssl.mzstatic.com/image/thumb/Video128/v4/95/bd/1e/95bd1e02-1e7b-93c4-96bf-70b2e036d2ed/pr_source.lsr/39x60bb-85.png https://is5-ssl.mzstatic.com/image/thumb/Video128/v4/95/bd/1e/95bd1e02-1e7b-93c4-96bf-70b2e036d2ed/pr_source.lsr/39x60bb-85.png https://is4-ssl.mzstatic.com/image/thumb/Video128/v4/95/bd/1e/95bd1e02-1e7b-93c4-96bf-70b2e036d2ed/pr_source.lsr/113x170bb-85.png © 2018 Hunter Killer Productions, Inc. 2018-10-26T00:00:00-07:00

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