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How to Tame macOS Hot Corners Using Modifier Keys

MacRumors - 39 min 59 sec ago
In macOS, the Hot Corners feature turns each of the four corners of your screen into a designated action, allowing you to quickly access certain functions built into the system, such as Mission Control, Notification Center, the Screen Saver, and more. Many Mac users would agree, there's something satisfying about bringing up these commonly used functions with a simple, swift cursor movement.

What isn't so satisfying, however, is accidentally triggering a Hot Corner, which can lead to all kinds of unintended desktop behavior - like application windows flying all over the place. This can happen when you lose track of the mouse cursor, or when you're working within the confines of a small MacBook screen. Thankfully, there's a way to tame wayward Hot Corners using modifier keys. Here's how.

How to Combine Hot Corners With Modifier Keys

  1. Launch System Preferences from the Apple menu bar ( -> System Preferences...).
  2. Click the Mission Control preference pane.

  3. Click the Hot Corners... button in the bottom left of the preference window.

  4. In the dialog that appears, click on the dropdown menu that corresponds to the screen corner that you want to use as a Hot Corner.
  5. Now, hold down a modifier key and select a function from the dropdown to assign to the Hot Corner. We're using the Command key (⌘) in our example.

  6. Repeat the action for any additional Hot Corners you'd like to set. Note that you can use different modifier keys for different Hot Corners, and even key combinations if you prefer.

  7. Click the OK button when you're done.
  8. Click the red traffic light button, top left of the Mission Control pane to close it.
The next time you come to use a Hot Corner, hold down the modifier key as you move the mouse cursor towards it, otherwise the action you assigned to that corner won't work!

If you want to change the modifier key associated with a Hot Corner, navigate back to the Hot Corners... preference pane, click on a Hot Corner to open its dropdown menu, and tap the assigned modifier key to remove it, then hold down the new one you want to use as you click on the Hot Corner function. (Note: You can also access your Hot Corner settings from the Screensaver tab in the Desktop & Screensaver preference pane.)

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Geometry Dash - RobTop Games AB

Top 10 Paid Apps - 1 hour 17 min ago
Jump and fly your way through danger in this rhythm-based action platformer! "Frustratingly wonderful" - Kotaku "Geometry Dash provides all of the challenge expected from an “impossible” game while also making it more accessible to newcomers." - 148Apps "Geometry Dash is a fast-paced platformer that will leave you screaming in frustration, but you’ll keep coming back for more." - AppAdvice Prepare for a near impossible challenge in the world of Geometry Dash. Push your skills to the limit as you jump, fly and flip your way through dangerous passages and spiky obstacles. Simple one touch game play with lots of levels that will keep you entertained for hours! Game Features • Rhythm-based Action Platforming! • Lots of levels with unique soundtracks! • Build and share your own levels using the level editor! • Unlock new icons and colors to customize your character! • Fly rockets, flip gravity and much more! • Use practice mode to sharpen your skills! • Game Center achievements with rewards! • Challenge yourself with the near impossible! Contact: info@robtopgames.com Geometry Dash RobTop Games AB $1.99 https://is2-ssl.mzstatic.com/image/thumb/Purple118/v4/b6/5d/7b/b65d7be5-e14a-433f-bb53-8cc2407e6199/AppIcon-1x_U007emarketing-85-220-9.png/53x53bb-85.png https://is4-ssl.mzstatic.com/image/thumb/Purple118/v4/b6/5d/7b/b65d7be5-e14a-433f-bb53-8cc2407e6199/AppIcon-1x_U007emarketing-85-220-9.png/75x75bb-85.png https://is2-ssl.mzstatic.com/image/thumb/Purple118/v4/b6/5d/7b/b65d7be5-e14a-433f-bb53-8cc2407e6199/AppIcon-1x_U007emarketing-85-220-9.png/100x100bb-85.png © 2015 RobTop Games AB 2013-08-13T00:00:00-07:00

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PRESS DIGEST- New York Times business news - May 24

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The following are the top stories on the New York Times business pages. Reuters has not verified these stories and does not vouch for their accuracy. - Apple Inc has signed a deal with Volkswagen AG to ...

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The Greatest Showman - Michael Gracey

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THE GREATEST SHOWMAN is an original musical inspired by the life of P.T. Barnum, starring Hugh Jackman. Barnum was a visionary who rose from nothing to create the “Greatest Show on Earth,” a spectacle and celebration of his larger-than-life imagination that captivated audiences around the globe. The Greatest Showman 136532.0 Michael Gracey $19.99 $5.99 https://is5-ssl.mzstatic.com/image/thumb/Video118/v4/8e/82/b2/8e82b23c-2cad-1f45-b586-3432fb3b5176/pr_source.lsr/39x60bb-85.png https://is5-ssl.mzstatic.com/image/thumb/Video118/v4/8e/82/b2/8e82b23c-2cad-1f45-b586-3432fb3b5176/pr_source.lsr/39x60bb-85.png https://is3-ssl.mzstatic.com/image/thumb/Video118/v4/8e/82/b2/8e82b23c-2cad-1f45-b586-3432fb3b5176/pr_source.lsr/113x170bb-85.png © 2017 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All rights reserved. 2017-12-20T00:00:00-07:00

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Apple Uses Volkswagen Self-Driving Vans for Employees

Yahoo Finance, AAPL - 8 hours 54 min ago
Apple Inc. and Volkswagen AG struck a deal late last year that let the technology giant equip VW vans with self-driving technology to transport Apple employees between offices, according to a person familiar with the matter. The agreement is part of an internal Apple program called Project Titan that started in 2015 as an ambitious effort to build an electric vehicle. After facing development and management problems, Apple shifted its focus to autonomous technologies that control vehicles, Bloomberg News reported in 2016.

Robot Car Race Twists: Uber Leaves Arizona And Apple Said To Have VW Deal

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National Transportation Safety Board investigators examine a driverless Uber SUV on March 20 that fatally struck a woman in Tempe, Ariz. The accident prompted Uber to suspend all road-testing of such autos in the Phoenix area, Pittsburgh, San Francisco and Toronto. On the same day Uber said it’s pulling the plug on autonomous vehicle tests in Arizona, Apple’s on-again, off-again self-driving car initiative takes a step forward, a reminder that early-stage industries are nothing if not volatile. Uber’s decision close its Tempe, Arizona, facility, where it tested Volvo XC90 SUVs outfitted with laser LiDAR sensors, cameras, radar and self-driving software, comes in the wake of a March crash in which one of those vehicles struck and killed a pedestrian as she crossed a dark suburban street.

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Apple is reportedly working with Volkswagen on building self-driving vans

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“Hey Siri, call me a ride.” Apple has signed a deal with German automaker Volkswagen to develop self-driving cars for its employees, The New York Times reported May 23. The contract doesn’t involve VW Beetles or wagons, sadly, but rather the company’s new, boxy T6 Transporter vans. Reports that Apple has been working on autonomous…

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Apple driverless-car unit now focused on VW shuttle vans: report

Yahoo Finance, AAPL - 10 hours 45 min ago
Apple Inc. has again narrowed the ambitions of its secretive self-driving car program, according to a report Wednesday by the New York Times. After being rebuffed by BMW and Daimler AG's Mercedes Benz after seeking self-driving technology partnerships, Apple is now teaming with Volkswagen AG to modify VW vans into self-driving shuttles for Apple workers, the Times reported.

Fifty Shades Freed - James Foley

Top Movies - 10 hours 55 min ago
Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson return as Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele in Fifty Shades Freed, the climactic chapter based on the worldwide bestselling “Fifty Shades” phenomenon. Bringing to a shocking conclusion events set in motion in 2015 and 2017’s blockbuster films that grossed almost $950 million globally. Believing they have left behind shadowy figures from their past, newlyweds Christian and Ana fully embrace an inextricable connection and shared life of luxury. But just as she steps into her role as Mrs. Grey and he relaxes into an unfamiliar stability, new threats could jeopardize their happy ending before it even begins. Fifty Shades Freed 126272.0 James Foley $14.99 $5.99 https://is5-ssl.mzstatic.com/image/thumb/Video128/v4/7e/f4/6f/7ef46fae-2f49-46fe-fd93-8a10f1d97f06/02475_MLNA_FiftyShadesFreed_2000x3000.lsr/39x60bb-85.png https://is5-ssl.mzstatic.com/image/thumb/Video128/v4/7e/f4/6f/7ef46fae-2f49-46fe-fd93-8a10f1d97f06/02475_MLNA_FiftyShadesFreed_2000x3000.lsr/39x60bb-85.png https://is4-ssl.mzstatic.com/image/thumb/Video128/v4/7e/f4/6f/7ef46fae-2f49-46fe-fd93-8a10f1d97f06/02475_MLNA_FiftyShadesFreed_2000x3000.lsr/113x170bb-85.png © 2018 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved. 2018-02-09T00:00:00-07:00

Apple Inks Deal With Volkswagen for Self-Driving Employee Shuttles

MacRumors - 11 hours 9 min ago
Apple has signed a deal with Volkswagen to use Volkswagen vans as self-driving shuttles designed to transport employees around its various campuses and office buildings in the San Francisco Bay Area, reports The New York Times.

Apple has been working on developing the shuttle program, called "PAIL" or Palo Alto to Infinite Loop, since last summer. At the time news of Apple's work on the program first surfaced, the company was said to be planning to install its own self-driving software in a commercial vehicle from an automaker, which has turned out to be Volkswagen.

One of the Lexus SUVs Apple uses to test its autonomous driving software
Under the terms of the deal, T6 Transporter vans from Volkswagen will be turned into self-driving shuttles for employees.

Apple's self-driving shuttle program is said to be behind schedule and "consuming nearly all of the Apple car team's attention," hinting at ongoing problems on its car-related project, which has already been scaled back.

Apple originally had grander plans for autonomous vehicles and over the course of the past several years, attempted to ink deals with companies like BMW and Mercedes-Benz, which would have led to the development of an all-electric autonomous vehicle.

According to today's report, no deal was able to be established because Apple was asking potential partner companies to "hand over control" of data and design, something no car manufacturer was prepared to do.

When its grandiose self-driving vehicle plans fell through, Apple shifted focus to autonomous driving software under the leadership of Bob Mansfield.

Apple is now working on its shuttle program and has been testing several Lexus SUVs equipped with self-driving hardware and software out on the streets of Cupertino and surrounding areas. Beyond the shuttle plan, Apple is said to have no clear idea of what it's going to do with its autonomous driving project.

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New iPhone Leak Reveals Apple's Powerful Advantage

Yahoo Finance, AAPL - 11 hours 11 min ago
Apple Inc. manufacturing partner Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. has started mass production of next-generation processors for new iPhones launching later this year, according to people familiar with the matter. The processor, likely to be called the A12 chip, will use a 7-nanometer design that can be smaller, faster and more efficient than the 10-nanometer chips in current Apple devices like the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, the people said.

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