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Updated: 24 min ago

504th Military App Could Expose Soldiers’ Data

Tue, 11/12/2019 - 20:54

The 504th military app gives soldiers weather updates, training changes, and other logistics. But its terms of service say it collects a lot of personal data, and if the app was hacked it could potentially expose top-secret information.

The app’s permissions — which suggested it could pull GPS location data, photos, contacts and even rewrite memory cards — frustrated soldiers who have taken extreme precautions they felt were glossed over by Trotter and other senior leaders…The worst-case scenario, he said, was “our cover might be blown.” While the app said permissions could be disabled, the soldiers said there was a failure of confidence it was secure. Senior leaders checked the phones of subordinates to ensure they had the app installed, soldiers in the unit said.

Why it’s especially concerning: “The app developer, Straxis LLC, is based in Tulsa but has a subsidiary in southern India.”

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Microsoft Opts in to CCPA, Streaming Services Old & New – TMO Daily Observations 2019-11-12

Tue, 11/12/2019 - 20:41

Andrew Orr & John Martellaro join host Kelly Guimont to discuss Microsoft following CCPA nationwide, and new vs nostalgic streaming content.

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Apple Shares ‘Ghost Writer’ Behind the Scenes Featurette

Tue, 11/12/2019 - 20:34

Apple has shared a Ghost Writer behind-the-scenes featurette on YouTube. It’s a kids series in which a ghost haunts a neighborhood.

When a ghost haunts a neighborhood bookstore and starts releasing fictional characters into the real world, four kids must team up to solve an exciting mystery surrounding the ghost’s unfinished business.

You can watch Ghost Writer on Apple TV+ here, and watch the featurette below.

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Facebook Launches Payment System ‘Facebook Pay’

Tue, 11/12/2019 - 20:25

Today Facebook announced the launch of its consumer payment system. Not it’s not the cryptocurrency ‘Libra.’ Instead it’s Facebook Pay.

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GO-TOUGH Reinforced MFi Lightning Cable: $21.24

Tue, 11/12/2019 - 20:14

We have a deal on the GO-TOUGH reinforced MFi Lightning cable. 6.5 feet in length, this cable is made from heavy-duty PET reinforced cable with reinforced stress points for reduced fraying. It’s $24.99 through our deal, but coupon code BFSAVE15 brings it down to $21.24 at checkout.

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David Greelish Offers a Sneak Peek of his Apple Lisa Documentary

Tue, 11/12/2019 - 20:09

Computer historian David Greelish directed an Apple Lisa documentary called Before Macintosh: The Apple Lisa set to release in early 2020.

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Lightricks Ltd Launches StoryBoost for Brands

Tue, 11/12/2019 - 18:05

Lightricks Ltd has some great photo apps for consumers, like Facetune and Enlight. But now it has an app aimed more at brands, called StoryBoost. Stand out + boost your brand or business with the Story maker app that has everything you need. 1000+ stunningly designed, on-trend Story page templates — and they’re always adding more; Unique animations between Story pages; Stickers and filters to give your photos and videos that extra touch; Eye-catching animated text; Tons of content ideas & built-in best practices that get engagement and more followers. Tell your story flawlessly and seamlessly to build a brand that you’re proud of. App Store: StoryBoost – Free (Offers In-App Purchases)

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2019 Jamf Nation User Conference Shows New Products

Tue, 11/12/2019 - 17:43

Jamf is an Apple IT company and just started its 2019 Jamf Nation User Conference with new product announcements for enterprise.

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WordPress Subscriptions Come to Websites

Tue, 11/12/2019 - 17:25

WordPress is adding a feature that will give websites a new way to earn money: WordPress subscriptions via Recurring Payments.

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Twitter Wants Users to Help it Finish Deepfakes Policy

Tue, 11/12/2019 - 16:40

Twitter announced proposals for its policy to tackle deepfakes on Monday. Now, The Verge reported, it wants users to help it finish the job.

Late last month, the Twitter Safety team announced it’d be seeking feedback on what a deepfake and synthetic media policy would look like on the platform. In a blog post on Monday referencing that announcement, Twitter vice president of trust and safety Del Harvey wrote that if manipulated media was flagged on the platform, Twitter could end up placing a notice next to it alerting users that it’s been distorted, warning them that it’s false before they share it, or adding context in the form of a link or news article breaking down why others believe that it’s untrue. Twitter could also remove the content, Harvey wrote.

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How Apple Became the Most Valuable Public Company Again

Tue, 11/12/2019 - 16:34

Apple’s stock hit a new record high following its recent third-quarter earnings report. The recent Motley Fool podcast discussed how.

It’s all about the services with Apple, at least on the growth side. As you mentioned, the iPhone business, as we’ve talked about, pretty stagnant now. They continue to make really good iPhones. The iPhone 11 is seeing good reception. But revenue up 2%, a little higher than guidance. If you back out the iPhone, growth is up 17%. But really about the wearables. The wearables business continues to drive a lot of the growth on the services side, which includes the wearables. Up 18% on the sales. Now makes up 20% of sales but 33% of the gross profits. They now have 33,000 apps across all the platforms. It was the best quarter ever for AppleCare.

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UK Labour Party Hit By DDoS Attack

Tue, 11/12/2019 - 16:24

The UK’s opposition Labour Party was hit by a DDoS attack on Monday night, BBC News reported. The attack came in the midst of a tense General Election campaign.

Labour said the attack “failed” because of the party’s “robust” security system and no data breach had occurred. The Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack floods a computer server with traffic to try to take it offline. A Labour source said that attacks came from computers in Russia and Brazil but the BBC’s Gordon Corera has been told the attack was not linked to a state. Our security correspondent said he had been told the attack was a low-level incident – not a large-scale and sophisticated attack. A National Cyber Security Centre spokesman said the Labour Party followed the correct procedure and notified them swiftly, adding: “The attack was not successful and the incident is now closed.”

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Disney+ Launches in U.S. And Canada

Tue, 11/12/2019 - 16:12

Disney+ has launched in the U.S., Canada, and the Netherlands, giving subscribers access to a range of Disney-owned content.

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App Sale: ‘Severed’ Game Goes From $7 to $1

Tue, 11/12/2019 - 14:39

Severed is normally US$6.99 but now it’s just US$0.99 for a limited time. Winner of the Apple Design Award in 2017 and voted iPad Game of the Year in 2016, Severed lets you take control of a one-armed warrior named Sasha, wielding a living sword on her journey through a nightmare world in search of her family. Dungeon Combat: Master offensive and defensive touch combat techniques to survive intense battles against a menagerie of enemies. Severing: Best enemies in combat for a chance at severing their body parts — then wear them to gain new powers or consume them to upgrade your equipment and abilities. Exploration: Follow branching routes through the unknown, using your wits to avoid hazards and solve puzzles. Award-Winning Soundtrack: Immerse yourself in the haunting original score from Juno- and Polaris-nominated band YAMANTAKA // SONIC TITAN, featuring Pantayo. App Store: Severed – US$0.99

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Goldman Sachs Responds to Apple Card ‘Sexism’ Accusations

Tue, 11/12/2019 - 13:41

Goldman Sachs responded to claims that the algorithm dictating Apple Card credit limits is sexist, saying no decisions are made on gender.

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Apple TV+ Series ‘Truth Be Told’ Premieres in LA

Tue, 11/12/2019 - 12:39

Apple premiered ‘Truth Be Told’, a drama series about Poppy Parnell, a podcaster forced to revisit the murder case that brought her fame.

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Microsoft Pledges to Follow California’s Privacy Law in All States

Tue, 11/12/2019 - 00:22

Microsoft has pledged to abide by California’s privacy law in the rest of the United States, saying it is a strong supporter for the law.

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Tech Columnist and Author Mike Elgan – TMO Background Mode Interview

Mon, 11/11/2019 - 22:38

Mike Elgan writes a popular weekly column for Computerworld, contributes news analysis pieces for Fast Company and SecurityIntelligence and also writes special features, columns, and think pieces for a variety of publications.

Mike tells a career story that started in newspaper publishing with QuarkXPress. Soon, he realized that what he loved was not covering local politics but rather the technology of the Mac, networking and printing. That launched his career writing about computer tech. In the 2nd segment we chatted about some of our favorite topics: dealing with information overload, Apple’s amazing U1 chip, Augmented Reality glasses replacing iPhones, and cars that sense driver emotions. Mike has an amazing vision of our tech future. Join us.

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Is Facebook Secretly Accessing Your Camera? This Man Found a Bug

Mon, 11/11/2019 - 20:47

For years there have been anecdotes from people saying that Facebook secretly uses their phone’s microphone and/or camera for targeted advertising. Joshua Maddux tweeted about a bug he found within the Facebook app. By tapping on a profile picture and slowly sliding it down the screen, you can see his rear camera being accessed on the left hand side. He tested it using five iPhones running iOS 13.2.2.

Found a @facebook #security & #privacy issue. When the app is open it actively uses the camera. I found a bug in the app that lets you see the camera open behind your feed. Note that I had the camera pointed at the carpet.

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Deirdre O’Brien Interview, Apple and Veterans – TMO Daily Observations 2019-11-11

Mon, 11/11/2019 - 20:21

Charlotte Henry and Andrew Orr join host Kelly Guimont to discuss a new Deirdre O’Brien interview and Apple showcasing apps for Veterans Day.

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