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Apple execs told Apple TV+ content creators not to portray China negatively

Sun, 10/13/2019 - 05:30

Alex Kantrowitz and John Paczkowski for Buzzfeed News:

Apple’s recent actions in China are a continuation of the company’s years-long practice of appeasing Beijing. To do business in China, the company adopts to local dictates, distasteful as they may be to its CEO Tim Cook, an outspoken gay rights advocate and privacy crusader. It’s an ironic inversion of a longstanding argument in the West that by bringing China into the world trade system, the country would adopt western values. Instead, China is asking tech companies to adopt its values — and Apple is willing to pay that price.

In early 2018 as development on Apple’s slate of exclusive Apple TV+ programming was underway, the company’s leadership gave guidance to the creators of some of those shows to avoid portraying China in a poor light, BuzzFeed News has learned. Sources in position to know said the instruction was communicated by Eddy Cue, Apple’s SVP of internet software and services, and Morgan Wandell, its head of international content development.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple CEO Tim Cook designed, constructed, and wedged Apple into this increasingly claustrophobic Chinese box.

Cook’s nonsensical memo to employees this week and Apple’s repeated kowtowing to China over years is a sad state of affairs.

Blue Shield of California deploys Apple Watch to deliver intelligent virtual assistance for physicians

Sat, 10/12/2019 - 20:07
Apple Watch Edition White Ceramic Case with Leather LoopApple Watch Edition
White Ceramic Case with Black Leather Loop

Altais, in collaboration with Blue Shield of California, today announced a partnership with Notable Health to use intelligent automation to enhance the patient experience and automate administrative workflows for physician practices.

Notable’s technology reduces administrative overhead and enriches patient-clinician interactions through better data collection and transfer. Patients using the platform will benefit from a streamlined check-in process using their smartphone—starting with appointment reminders and insurance eligibility checks to self-assessment health surveys that can be pre-populated within a patient’s chart.

During the visit, doctors no longer must type in reams of content to the electronic health record (EHR). Instead, they will use Notable’s wearable technology supported by an Apple Watch, to document physician-patient discussions. The technology uses machine learning and natural language processing to parse the conversation down to its relevant pieces and accurately insert facts onto the patient’s electronic file. Post-visit, the artificial intelligence (AI)-powered technology optimizes charting efficiency by ensuring the proper entry of orders and procedures to generate clean claims.

“Our goal is to help physicians seamlessly leverage technology to improve the health and well-being of their patients—all while reducing administrative hassles and enhancing their professional gratification,” said Jeff Bailet, M.D., president and CEO of Altais, in a statement. “Notable Health will help us get there with its digital assistant technology that automates manual tasks across any electronic health record.”

Together, the parties are collaborating to leverage Notable’s technology to bring workflow innovation to physicians, beginning with Blue Shield of California’s network physician partners. The two companies will continue collaborating together to expand joint functionality over time.

“Deploying our technology will improve data quality and help Blue Shield of California partners spend less time documenting care and more time delivering care,” said Pranay Kapadia, CEO and co-founder of Notable Healt, in a statement. “We know that better data empowers better outcomes, and we’re bridging the data divide between patients, their physicians, and payers.”

For example, doctors at the Paradise Medical Group (PMG) in Paradise, Calif., will soon begin using the Apple Watches and Notable technology to support patients’ visits. PMG is the first Blue Shield partner to use the services, which are now available to network physicians.

“As a general internist taking primary care of an elderly population with multiple complex illnesses, I will now have a maximally efficient workflow, streamlined data entry, and patient input pre-built into each of my patient encounters, and that is extremely exciting,” said Richard Thorp, M.D., F.A.D.P., president and CEO, Paradise Medical Group, Paradise, Calif.

“This partnership with Altais, Notable, and Blue Shield is the kind of transformational change that our medical group believes is needed to revitalize healthcare, invigorate the doctor-patient relationship, and return joy to the practice of medicine.”

Source: Altais

MacDailyNews Take: Yet another in a long line of wins for Apple Watch!

President Trump says the U.S. has come to a ‘very substantial phase one deal’ with China

Fri, 10/11/2019 - 23:41

U.S. President Donald Trump said Friday that the U.S. has come to a “very substantial phase one deal” with China in the trade negotiations between the two economic superpowers. “Phase two will start almost immediately” after the first phase is signed, Trump said in the Oval Office alongside Chinese Vice Premier Liu He.

Kevin Breuninger for CNBC:

The first portion of the trade deal will be written over the next three weeks, Trump said. It will address intellectual property and financial services concerns, along with purchases of about $40 to $50 billion worth of agricultural products by China, Trump said.

It’s a “tremendous deal for the farmers,” Trump said.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin also announced the Oval Office that the White House has scrapped a new round of tariffs on imports of Chinese goods, which were set to go into effect Oct. 15.

“We have a fundamental understanding of the key issues, but there is more work to do,” Mnuchin said, CNBC’s Eamon Javers reported.

Mnuchin even said that the U.S. will be evaluating whether to rescind its decision in August to designate China a “currency manipulator.”

There’s still “more work” to do, Mnuchin cautioned, but “we’ve made a lot of progress over the last two days.”

MacDailyNews Take: Certainly sounds like good news for Apple!

In the following video, U.S. President Trump explains the “phase one” trade deal with China:

Watch the latest video at

Ars Technica reviews Apple’s iPadOS: It’s now viable to replace your MacBook with an iPad

Fri, 10/11/2019 - 23:32
Dark Mode in iPadOS 13 brings a dramatic look to iPad for an immersive visual experience.Dark Mode in iPadOS 13 brings a dramatic look to iPad for an immersive visual experience.

Samuel Axon for Ars Technica:

The updates to Files and Safari are game-changers. For skilled users who can handle its complexities, this update to multitasking will make productivity and content creation tasks much more efficient. And as is the case with iOS 13 generally, a focus on privacy and giving powerful tools to third-party app developers goes a long way to distinguish this from other platforms in a positive way. It doesn’t hurt that Apple’s iPad hardware is almost universally outstanding, either.

If you’re looking to replace your laptop with an iPad, congratulations; Apple has listened to your feedback and made it viable for the first time. That’s no small feat. But as a famous fictional mathematician once said, Apple was so preoccupied with whether it could that it didn’t stop to think if it should.

For the types of users who read Ars Technica — who seek out knowledge to maximize control and mastery of their personal technology — most of these changes are quite welcome. I’m just a little worried about what it all means for everybody else. Year by year, the iPad is being reimagined for a new mission. But to do that, Apple has to abandon — or at least compromise — the original mission. Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing depends on exactly who you are.

In any case, Cupertino’s efforts to respond to long-time user feedback herald a very interesting new chapter for the Apple ecosystem. And doing serious work on a true tablet has never been easier.

MacDailyNews Take: Axon’s conclusion is exactly why we’ve long advocated for a simple toggle in the operating system for iPads. All iPads should come “simple” by default. Power users can choose to flick a toggle to access advanced features that might be highly confusing to average users.

Imagine an “iOS Pro” mode.

Turn on iOS Pro on your iPad Pro
1. Tap Settings > General, and make sure iOS Pro is turned on.
2. There is no step two.

Hey, we can dream, can’t we? — MacDailyNews, December 29, 2015

As usual, Ars’ full review is worth the read. Check it out here.

Interns: TTK. Prost!

Apple shares hit new all-time intraday and closing highs

Fri, 10/11/2019 - 22:18

In Nasdaq trading today, shares of Apple Inc. (AAPL) rose $6.12, or 2.66%, to hit a new all-time closing high of $236.21. Apple’s previous all-time intraday high was $233.47 set on October 3, 2018.

AAPL’s all-time intraday high stands at $237.64, also set today.

Apple’s 52-week low stands at $142.00.

Apple currently has a market value of $1.067 trillion.

The top five U.S. publicly-traded companies, based on market value:
1. Apple (AAPL) – $1.067T
1. Microsoft (MSFT) – $1.067T
3. Amazon (AMZN) – $856.705B
4. Alphabet (GOOGL) – $842.692B
5. Facebook (FB) – $525.485B

Selected companies’ current market values:
• Berkshire Hathaway (BRKA) – $515.123B
• Walmart (WMT) – $342.167B
• Disney (DIS) – $234.179B
• Intel (INTC) – $230.759B
• Cisco (CSCO) – $197.661B
• Adobe (ADBE) – $134.7146B
• IBM (IBM) – $126.432B
• SoftBank (SFTBF) – $81.653B
• Sony (SNE) – $71.448B
• Dell (DELL) – $36.457B
• Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) – $32.764B
• Twitter (TWTR) – $31.199B
• Nokia (NOK) – $28.125B
• Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) – $24.051B
• Spotify (SPOT) – $20.753B
• BlackBerry (BB) – $2.917B
• Sonos (SONO) – $1.419B
• Fitbit (FIT) – $946.834M
• RealNetworks (RNWK) – $53.673M

AAPL quote via NASDAQ here.

MacDailyNews Take: Finally, Apple is back where they belong, atop the world’s most valuable companies list!

Analyst: Apple TV+ could be worth $15 a share

Fri, 10/11/2019 - 22:04

Wedbush analyst Daniel Ives wrote in a note to clients on Friday that a successful debut of Apple’s new streaming-video service Apple TV+ could be worth $15 a share.

David Marino-Nachison for Barron’s:

Apple, he wrote, could “disrupt roughly 10% of Netflix’s target customer base within the next 12 to 18 months and along with…Disney create a much more competitive pricing environment and market share landscape.”

He sees 100 million Apple subscribers within four years as realistic and thinks that could lead to $7 billion to $10 billion in annual revenue.

“If Apple is successful with its latest streaming endeavor and reaches some of these potential subs/revenues numbers annually we estimate, this will add roughly $15 per share to our sum-of-the-parts valuation on Apple,” Ives wrote.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple TV+, at just $4.99 per month, doesn’t have to disrupt (take) any Netflix subscribers; it’s additive. Most people who already subscribe to Netflix will add Apple TV+, not drop Netflix for it.

Ives reiterated his Outperform rating on AAPL shares, and boosted his price target from $245 to $265.

Clive Owen joins Julianne Moore in Apple’s Stephen King drama ‘Lisey’s Story’

Fri, 10/11/2019 - 21:36

Clive Owen will star alongside Julianne Moore in Apple’s Lisey’s Story, an eight-episode series based on the 2006 Stephen King book.

Will Thorne for Variety:

Owen will play the role of Scott Landon, Lisey’s (Moore) husband. The series follows Lisey two years following Scott’s death, exploring the events that cause her to begin facing amazing realities about her husband that she had repressed and forgotten.

King will write all eight episodes of the series in addition to executive producing, marking one of the few times the iconic author has written for the screen. J.J. Abrams and Ben Stephenson of Bad Robot Productions will also executive produce.

MacDailyNews Take: Like bears to honey.

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Apple releases macOS Catalina 10.15.1 beta to developers

Fri, 10/11/2019 - 21:27

Juli Clover for MacRumors:

Apple today seeded the first beta of an upcoming macOS Catalina 10.15.1 update to developers, just days after releasing macOS Catalina to the public.

t’s not yet known what improvements the first update to ‌macOS Catalina‌ will bring, but it likely includes performance improvements and fixes for bugs that weren’t able to be addressed in the first version of Catalina.

MacDailyNews Take: We’re seeing some issues with videos playing in Safari dropping audio partway through and then beach balling that Safari tab. Hopefully, that’s one of the first things 10.15.1 clears up!

Stock market rallies on U.S.-China trade deal hopes; focus shifts to Trump-Liu meeting

Fri, 10/11/2019 - 20:10


Wall Street rose for the third straight session on Friday, with hopes running high that the talks between President Donald Trump and Chinese Vice Premier Liu He would culminate in a partial trade deal and delay planned U.S. tariff increases.

Shares of Apple Inc hit a record high and were the biggest boost to the S&P 500 and Nasdaq, while the technology sector was set for its best day in five weeks.

All eyes are now on Trump meeting Liu in the White House at 2:45 p.m. EDT (1845 GMT). The top-level discussions concluded their second day on Friday…

The S&P 500 and Dow Jones indexes looked set to break a three-week losing streak on optimism that the world’s top two economies could cool off their row before more U.S. tariffs kick in next week.

MacDailyNews Note: The latest from the president’s Twitter feed:

One of the great things about the China Deal is the fact that, for various reasons, we do not have to go through the very long and politically complex Congressional Approval Process. When the deal is fully negotiated, I sign it myself on behalf of our Country. Fast and Clean!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 11, 2019

Good things are happening at China Trade Talk Meeting. Warmer feelings than in recent past, more like the Old Days. I will be meeting with the Vice Premier today. All would like to see something significant happen!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 11, 2019

Apple shares hit new all-time intraday high

Fri, 10/11/2019 - 19:54

Today in Nasdaq trading, shares of Apple Inc. (AAPL) rose $5.15, or 2.24%, to hit a new all-time intraday high of $235.24. Apple’s previous all-time intraday high was $233.47 set on October 3, 2018.

Apple’s 52-week low stands at $142.00.

Apple currently has a market value of $1.063 trillion.

The top five U.S. publicly-traded companies, based on market value:
1. Microsoft (MSFT) – $1.073T
2. Apple (AAPL) – $1.063T
3. Amazon (AMZN) – $861.822B
4. Alphabet (GOOGL) – $849.246B
5. Facebook (FB) – $530.050B

Selected companies’ current market values:
• Berkshire Hathaway (BRKA) – $518.688B
• Walmart (WMT) – $342.309B
• Disney (DIS) – $235.539B
• Intel (INTC) – $232.442B
• Cisco (CSCO) – $199.883B
• Adobe (ADBE) – $135.886B
• IBM (IBM) – $127.371B
• SoftBank (SFTBF) – $81.543B
• Sony (SNE) – $71.964B
• Dell (DELL) – $36.595B
• Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) – $32.989B
• Twitter (TWTR) – $31.351B
• Nokia (NOK) – $28.069B
• Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) – $24.431B
• Spotify (SPOT) – $20.875B
• BlackBerry (BB) – $2.895B
• Sonos (SONO) – $1.423B
• Fitbit (FIT) – $948.126M
• RealNetworks (RNWK) – $53.673M

AAPL quote via NASDAQ here.

MacDailyNews Take: To the moon, Alice!

How to play your favorite PlayStation 4 games on your Mac, iPad, or iPhone

Fri, 10/11/2019 - 19:11

Patrick Lucas Austin for TIME Magazine:

Sony’s latest update to its PlayStation 4 console, version 7.00, brings a host of new conveniences that make it easier for players to add more players to their online party, adds chat transcription support, and improves audio quality thanks to some behind-the-scenes improvements.

But the most appealing feature might be the updated Remote Play service… [which] means you’ve now got a way to free up the TV and still enjoy your PlayStation 4 games on your PC, Mac, smartphone, or tablet.

You’ll need a PC or Mac running the free PS4 Remote Play app (you can download it here). If you’re on an Android or iOS device, you’ll need to grab the Remote Play app from Google Play or the App Store. You’ll also need a broadband internet connection, a DualShock 4 controller, and a PS4 game that doesn’t require a VR headset or a specialized controller…

MacDailyNews Take: Have you used the PS4 Remote Play app in conjunction with your Mac, iPad, or iPhone? If so, how does it work?

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Why ‘iPhone 12’ could spark the next big thing for Apple

Fri, 10/11/2019 - 18:01
Apple U.S. patent application illustrationApple U.S. patent application illustration

Apple’s next-gen iPhone line will include new capabilities that will provide the foundation for other augmented reality hardware products, including Apple Glasses, in the not-so-distant future.

Lisa Eadicicco for Business Insider:

Apple’s 2020 flagship is expected to include technologies and features that will be about much more than just taking better photos in the dark or enhancing performance… Among the biggest changes that’s expected to come with Apple’s 2020 iPhones is the introduction of a more sophisticated three-dimensional camera, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman and Debby Wu. Such a camera system would include a laser scanner to create 3D replicas of the real world, boosting the iPhone’s augmented reality capabilities. With the new 3D camera, the iPhone would be better at placing virtual objects in augmented reality and would offer enhanced depth perception…

Apple’s next smartphone could also help lay the foundation for what may be Apple’s next big hardware product — an augmented reality headset [Apple Glasses]… Augmented reality aside, Apple’s 2020 iPhone is also expected to come with another update that’s critical to the iPhone’s future: 5G support.

MacDailyNews Take: AR, which seems like a gimmick today, will become very, very important and useful much sooner than many think!

As we wrote earlier this month:

When looking at Apple Tagged objects while wearing Apple Glasses, the U1 chip will be invaluable!

Grocery and every other retail store that wishes to remain in business will be full of Apple Tags. Imagine golfing while wearing Apple Glasses with an Apple Tagged golf holes. Or shooting pool. Or driving past Apple Tagged road signs. Or holding a baseball card. Or touring a city or museum or hiking a wilderness trail. Or running a 5K. Or looking at vehicles on a car lot or rideshares as they arrive to pick you up. Or, through crowd-sharing, precisely locate where that last remaining Cabbage Patch doll is within 25 miles of you on Christmas Eve. “Hey, Siri, find me a Cabbage Patch Doll for sale with 25 miles of me! Buy it and hold it for me, on on my way!” Extrapolate from there.

The Apple Glasses will be the key as holding up slabs of glass as “windows” is suboptimal. When we’re running in a race, for example, we don’t want to have to hold an iPhone or even glance at an Apple Watch, but with a pair of Apple Glasses constantly overlaying time, pace, splits, etc. it’ll be ideal!MacDailyNews, September 6, 2019

The impact of augmented reality cannot be overstated. It will be a paradigm shift larger than the iPhone and the half-assed clones it begat. — MacDailyNews, August 4, 2017

Someday, hopefully sooner than later, we’ll look back at holding up slabs of metal and glass to access AR as unbelievably quaint. — MacDailyNews, July 28, 2017

Augmented Reality is going to change everything.MacDailyNews, July 21, 2017

Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks ink Apple TV+ deal for $200+ million ‘Masters Of The Air’ miniseries

Fri, 10/11/2019 - 17:25
Apple TV+ is home to the biggest directors and top starsApple TV+ is home to the biggest directors and top stars

Mike Fleming Jr. for Deadline:

Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Television and Tom Hanks & Gary Goetzman’s Playtone have made a deal with Apple for an event limited series based on the Donald L. Miller book Masters of the Air: America’s Bomber Boys Who Fought The Air War Against Nazi Germany. It is a followup to their Emmy-winning WWII HBO miniseries Band Of Brothers and The Pacific.

The book tells the story of the American bomber boys in WWII who brought the war to Hitler’s doorstep. It becomes the first series greenlit with Apple serving as the studio. Deadline hears that the miniseries will be more than eight hours in length, and that it will cost well north of $200 million to produce…

Masters of the Air will stream exclusively on Apple TV+, and it becomes the second project there for Spielberg after the anthology series Amazing Stories.

MacDailyNews Take: Instant awards-contender!

Those who can wrap their heads around Apple’s massive cash mountain and the company’s unparalleled ability to generate cash can clearly see who the winner will be. The most talented producers, writers, directors, editors, actors, etc. are attracted to exactly what Apple has and makes in vast abundance: Cash. The king.

Like bears to honey, it’s happening already.MacDailyNews, January 3, 2018

Apple has the money required to catch up and even surpass all competitors very quickly and they can accomplish it without buying a studio or even production companies.MacDailyNews, April 3, 2018

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Prominent Hong Kong lawmaker warns Apple of becoming an ‘accomplice for Chinese censorship’

Fri, 10/11/2019 - 16:40

In an open letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook, A prominent Hong Kong lawmaker and IT entrepreneur, Charles Mok, has warned Apple of becoming “an accomplice for Chinese censorship and oppression.”

Charlie Wood for BusinessInsider:

Charles Mok, who represents the Information Technology functional constituency on the Hong Kong Legislative Council, made the comments in an open letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Mok’s letter focused on Apple’s recent decision to remove an app called, which allows its users to track Hong Kong police presence.

We Hongkongers will definitely look closely at whether Apple chooses to uphold its commitment to free expression and other basic human rights, or become an accomplice for Chinese censorship and oppression. — Charles Mok

After censure from US lawmakers and the press, Tim Cook defended the app’s removal on Thursday in a memo sent to Apple employees. In particular, Cook said the app was being used to cause unwarranted violence. Critics say this is a Chinese state talking point.

Today I wrote to Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, to tell him his company’s decision to remove HKmap live app from Appstore will cause problems for normal Hong Kong’s citizens trying to avoid police presence while they are under constant fear ofpolice brutality. Values over profits, pls!

— Charles Mok 莫乃光 (@charlesmok) October 10, 2019

MacDailyNews Take: Regardless of Apple CEO Tim Cook’s rather pathetic kowtowing to China, the HKmap 即時地圖 app is not a requirement for accessing the HKmap Live service as it remains available online to Hongkongers and everyone here:

The Internet treats censorship as a malfunction and routes around it. — John Perry Barlow

• The most important thing is: Do you have the courage to admit that you’re wrong? And do you change? The most important thing to me as a CEO is that we keep the courage. — Tim Cook

Inside Apple TV+’s new costume drama ‘Dickinson’ starring Hailee Steinfeld

Fri, 10/11/2019 - 15:57

Hillary Kelly for Vogue:

When we first see Emily Dickinson in writer and executive producer Alena Smith’s new show, she isn’t yet the reclusive legend she would later become. As inhabited by Hailee Steinfeld, she’s in her 20s, with only the first sparks of her poetic genius flaring out of her fingertips. But she is wearing a version of the legendary white dress that would come to stand as a symbol for her eccentricities—this one a cotton lawn gown, pin-tucked and hand-pleated.

That’s pretty much the only conventional thing about America’s most famous female poet in Dickinson, a thoroughly psychedelic take on her coming-of-age story—one of the first shows out the gate for the new streaming service Apple TV+. Smith—a playwright and former writer on The Affair and The Newsroom—calls it “a modern American gothic story,” and by modern she means entirely remixed out of any fusty, puritanical expectations into a period piece that only tangentially honors its period: We see Steinfeld’s angsty, rambunctious, queer Dickinson passionately kissing her best friend, Sue (Ella Hunt); telling a suitor that she’s “in love with Death”; and exclaiming, “This is such bullshit” when told to fetch some water as part of her chores…

MacDailyNews Take: It will be very interesting to see how this one does!

Twitter for Mac is now available in Mac App Store, thanks to Apple’s Mac Catalyst

Fri, 10/11/2019 - 15:18

Twitter for Mac is now available in Mac App Store, thanks to Apple’s Mac Catalyst.

Features include:
– Access premium and exclusive live streams directly from your Mac
– Watch the latest events unfold in real time from around the world

– Discover what your favorite sports, news, politics, and entertainment thought leaders are talking about
– Experience dynamic media — like photos, videos, and GIFs
– Retweet, share, like, or reply to Tweets in your timeline
– Write a Tweet to let the world know what’s happening with you

– See what topics and hashtags are trending now
– Discover Moments, curated stories showcasing the very best of today’s biggest events
– Get caught up on news headlines and videos
– Relive the latest sports highlights
– Be in the know about pop culture and entertainment
– See what fun stories are going viral

– Find out who started following you
– Discover which of your Tweets were liked or Retweeted
– Respond to replies or be alerted to Tweets you were mentioned in

– Chat privately with friends and followers
– Share Tweets and other media
– Create a group conversation with anyone who follows you

– Customize your profile with a photo, description, location, and background photo
– Look back at your Tweets, Retweets, replies, media, and likes

– Get suggestions on influential people to follow
– Sync your contacts to find friends currently on Twitter or invite more

Twitter for Mac is a free app. More info via Apple’s Mac App Storehere.

MacDailyNews Take: It all seems to work. We’d like to have Sign In with Apple implemented in the next version!

Apple pushing hard to get their own 5G modem into 2022’s iPhones

Fri, 10/11/2019 - 14:51

Mark Sullivan for Fast Company:

After buying Intel’s 5G modem business earlier this year, Apple is wasting no time building its own 5G modem for the iPhone. The company is pushing to have its modem in iPhones by 2022, a very aggressive timeline given all the development, testing, and certification work involved, a source with knowledge of the company’s plans said.

For now, Apple is getting its iPhone modems from Qualcomm, after the two companies dropped their legal squabbling and made up in April… But given their past disputes, Apple and Qualcomm have an uneasy relationship… Apple management is leaning on its modem group in San Diego (also home, not coincidentally, to Qualcomm) to finish the new Apple 5G modem sooner rather than later…

Now that Apple essentially owns the Intel modem technology it will very likely move toward baking the new 5G modem into an Apple SoC.

MacDailyNews Take: That is a crazily aggressive timeline. Our sympathies to those working (much overtime) in Apple’s modem team over the coming years!

Apple’s Mac holds 7.6% of worldwide personal computer market

Thu, 10/10/2019 - 23:33

The global PC market, inclusive of desktops, notebooks and workstations, grew 4.7% in Q3 2019 to 70.9 million units, the best growth performance for the segment since Q1 2012, when shipments grew 5.4%. Lenovo and HP placed first and second, with impressive performances particularly in Japan and the United States. Lenovo shipped a total of 17.3 million units while HP shipped 16.7 million units. Third-placed Dell also grew in line with the market at 5.2% and shipped 12.1 million PCs this quarter. Apple and Acer rounded the top five, taking fourth and fifth places respectively, also growing shipments albeit by 1.5% and 0.8%. Canalys however warns that this is a short-term boost, effects of which could wear off as early as Q1 2020.

Multiple factors continued to contribute to demand in PC sales, including upgrades to Windows 10, and seasonal inventory stocking for the holidays, but the market was given further impetus by macroeconomic conditions.

In volatile regions, PC vendors and channels were forced to take precautionary measures to hedge against future disruption. In the US, for example, another round of tariffs is scheduled to take effect on US$37 billion worth of Chinese made notebooks and tablets. As a result, leading PC vendors are pumping up production orders, and channel partners are building inventory ahead of the 15 December deadline. This impact will not last forever, but in the short term it has benefitted the PC supply chain, which saw a positive performance that is likely to extend into Q4.

“The PC market high is refreshing. However, there is a limit to how quickly leading vendors can ramp production,” said Rushabh Doshi, Research Director of Canalys’ Mobility services, in a statement. “Intel remains a key bottleneck, with pressure on its 14nm CPU supply not likely to see improvement until Q1 2020. However, the Intel CPU shortage provided leading PC vendors an advantage over smaller rivals drove HP and Lenovo to their best Q3 performance to-date. Going forward, leading vendors will have an opportunity to further consolidate the market and squeeze smaller vendors’ market share, if the Intel supply is not able to satisfy the spike in orders.”

The top five vendors consolidated their market share to 79.6% of the total PC market in Q3 2019, with market leaders HP and Lenovo taking a lion’s share of 48% together.

Japan continued to be a stand-out growth market, with businesses complying with deadlines for the end of Windows 7 extended support, and more importantly, a ramping up of IT infrastructure spend ahead of the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, driving up demand for PCs. Additionally, Japan is set to increase its consumption tax from 8% to 10% in October 2019, which is accelerating refresh timelines across the country, driving up sell-in. The top three vendors increased market share, with Lenovo, HP and Dell posting excellent growths of 61%, 83% and 104% year-on-year respectively, achieving personal bests for all three vendors in Japan. Total desktop, workstation and notebook shipments in Q3 2019 were 4.5 million versus 2.7 million a year ago, an enviable growth of 63% over last year.

PC shipments in the United States in Q3 benefitted from tail-end back-to-school season demand and front loading of shipments into the channel ahead of expected disruption from tariffs in the crucial holiday spending period from November to January. Shipments were up 3.0% year-on-year, with Apple and HP growing faster than the market average. HP continued to see a healthy sell-in of Chromebooks, with shipments over the million mark.

In Europe, uncertainty over Brexit and its outcome restrained demand for PCs, as businesses are apprehensive about investments for the long-term. Shipments grew about 2% in EMEA, below the global average. Apple was the only vendor in the top five to not see shipment growth in the region.

 Global PC market posts record growth in 7 years, shipments up 4.7% in Q3 2019

Source: Canalys

MacDailyNews Take: Of course, when you factor in iPads, with roughly 10+ million units sold per quarter, Apple is among the top personal computer vendors, if not the top personal computer vendor, in the world, as has been the case for many years.

Apple inks Alfonso Cuarón to exclusive multi-year TV deal for Apple TV+

Thu, 10/10/2019 - 23:18

Joe Otterson for Variety:

Alfonso Cuarón has set a multi-year overall deal at Apple, Variety has learned.

Under the deal, the multi-hyphenate will develop television projects exclusively for Apple’s upcoming streaming service, Apple TV Plus… Any projects to come out of the deal would mark some of the first television Cuarón has been a part of during his career, having worked primarily in film.

Cuarón’s most recent project was the critically-acclaimed film Roma, on which he served as writer, director, producer, editor, and cinematographer. The film won three Oscars: best foreign language film and best director and cinematography for Cuarón. He has been nominated for six Oscars throughout his career, winning three — his two for “Roma” and best director for Gravity, which he also co-wrote and produced.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple locks down even more top talent for Apple TV+!

iOS 13.2 beta 2 delivers new emoji characters

Thu, 10/10/2019 - 22:02

Juli Clover for MacRumors:

Apple today seeded the second beta of an upcoming iOS 13.2 update, and the beta adds new emoji characters that are part of the Unicode 12 emoji release.

Apple previewed its new emoji earlier this year, and now the new options are set to roll out when iOS 13.2 becomes available. Unicode 12 adds 59 new emoji characters, 75 when gender variations are counted, and 230 when gender variations and skin tones are counted…

It’s not entirely clear yet when iOS 13.2 will come out because we’re only at the second beta, but it could see a late October or early November release.

MacDailyNews Take: Here are some of the new emoji:

Apple Emoji

See more of the new emoji in Juli’s full article.