Game, The witness, an adventure game like the classic "Myst"

This looks like a nice game in the same alley of the old Myst game from Broderbund where you can freely walk around the island and solve the puzzles to unravel the mystery. It looks beautiful and lots of fun! It will be released end of 2014 for the PC and the PlayStation4 simultaneously and for iOS.

There's a nice article on maskable with some hands on experience.
"So when I sat down in a nearly empty room for an hour to play The Witness, the highly anticipated sophomore game from Jonathan Blow, the first thing that struck me was the quiet. This is a game of patience and focus."

"The world of The Witness is totally open. You can walk just about anywhere at any time. In fact, when I looked over the shoulder of the player who had the appointment after mine, he had immediately ventured into an area I never saw in my playthrough. For some areas of the map, you’d need to solve a sequence of puzzles in order to progress deeper into a section, but I never felt pressured to accomplish every task immediately. This game shows no snobbishness about letting the player take time to think through solutions, or to walk away and return with a clear mind."

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