iOS, concept with double size icon-widgets

iOS with double size icon-widgets

A new design for the (home)screens of iOS, with a more widget like feeling. Not sure if i like or hate it, I guess i'm to much influenced by apple only design.

Here’s how it works. On your iOS device you have your list of icons like you know and love. They work and look the same way as before. But, if you want more information about an app, you can simply pinch the app icon bigger and it will now become an iOS Block. There’s no menu, no hidden options and no weird gestures to do. You literally make the icon bigger with your finger if you want more; it can’t be simpler and more intuitive than that.

When you pinch the icon, you will see the transformation/transition into a Block and at that point you have two choices: Either you pinch it back to an icon since you got the information you need or you release your fingers and the icon will remain a Block on your iOS screen.
If apple were to add home-screen widgets to iOS, this way would make a lot of sense... Instead of completely redesigning the iOS home screen with an unfamiliar interface, Machalani is simply refining it and offering some customizations for those who want more than just icons. It’s the kind of evolutionary design that might make sense for Apple to bring to life at some point in future, and work on the concept has been carried out over the past several months ahead of a rumored debut of iOS 8 at Apple’s WWDC developer conference next week.

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