OSX, Application not starting, start as root

Start Application as Root

Sometimes an application won't start as a result of wrong/corrupt permissions.
Whenever that happens you can unistall, repair permissions and reinstall the software...

But when you have no time and are on a deadline you can try launching the application after temporarily enabling root user on your machine.
You can find steps to enable root user here: http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1528

Even Quicker run the App itself is by opening the app via the terminal as root!
The App itself is located inside the Application bundel (you can access this by right clicking the application and select "Show Package Contents")

Launch Dreamweaver via root user instead of double clicking it:
Just open Terminal and type:
sudo 'PathToDreamweaver'/Contents/MacOS/'Dreamweaver'

or just drag the 'Dreamweaver' executable after the sudo command (super user do) and hit return...

This will resolve your problem if it is due to any incorrect permissions.