Safari hacked at Pwn2Own, took more then 3 month!

Safari, hacked at Pwn2Own

At the Pwn2Own hackers conference this week Safari was defeated by Liang Chen, one of a pair Chinese Keen Team hackers, using a heap-overflow-and-sandbox-bypass combination that took three months to perfect. Sounds solid, Safari you are save :-)

"For Apple, the OS is regarded as very safe and has a very good security architecture," Chen told ThreatPost's Michael Mimoso. "Even if you have a vulnerability, it's very difficult to exploit. Today we demonstrated that with some advanced technology, the system is still able to be pwned. But in general, the security in OS X is higher than other operating systems."

The Chinese hacker that cracked Safari, wins $40K, and praises Apple's security! Also some of his prize money will go to families of the missing Malaysian airline.
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