Apple watch as iOS AppelTV game remote
iOS Bowling game with Apple Watch and Airplay support

Apple Watch + Rolomotion = AWESOMENESS!
The Rolomotion powered game 'Bowling Central' is out now for Apple TV

iOS, Airplay to AppleTV without audio/sound, CoreAudio bug

Sometimes when sharing a display to the appleTV via Airplay, audio will not play over Airplay.
This is an annoying bug...

To fix in 15 sec. :
stop airplay
open the terminal and type: (you will be restarting core-audio)
sudo killall coreaudiod
start airplay, et voila, the audio is there!

AppleTV adhoc and router less AirPlay connection

AppleTV adhoc and routerless connections

With IOS8 Apple has made yet more improvements to AirPlay in iOS 8 by enabling compatible devices to make direct connections with each other for content streaming. This eliminates AirPlay’s reliance on a Wi-Fi network and fixes one of its biggest limitations.

And if you want to connect now in iOS7 without an airport or wifi base-station, just think outside the box and use your iphones personal hotspot to create your local adhoc AirPlay network:

Airplay your iOS games to appleTV, the best dual screen experience out there!

Airplay your games to appleTV,

AirPlay with iOS and AppleTV is just the best dual screen game experience ever! Play the game on your Hdtv and use the iPhone, iPod or iPad to control and second screen. My favorites are
Sky gamblers storm raiders and Real Racing 3

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