Lytro's professional light-field camera, the Illum

Lytro, Light-field, Camera

Lytro released specs of their upcoming professional light-field camera, the Illum. (light-field enables you to refocus shots after taking them).
"Photographers can use the camera’s software to refocus pictures after the fact, generate 3-D images, adjust the depth of field, and create tilt shifts. It will be available in July for $1,500."
It has an 8X (30 – 250mm) zoom lens, a constant f/2.0 aperture, 1/4000 shutter, sensor for 40 million light rays, and a four-inch backside touchscreen display.

iOS, Quickly shoot in Burst mode

iOS , quickly shoot in Burst mode

Now we're gona use burst mode even more!
How to Quickly shoot in burst mode; The redesigned Camera app has a nifty trick up its sleeve: if you want to shoot in burst mode, taking multiple shots in quick succession, just click and hold the volume-up button.

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