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First time user experiences

First time user experiences

I stumbled on this little tumbler blog with an interesting overview of "first time user experiences" of (mobile)apps. The site gives a nice review of the first time user experience, a description about the app, and some cons and pros of the application. Interesting to follow and to review new experience in apps for any ux designer.

Concept iOS iWatch - Industrial Design, Interaction Design, UI/UX

Round iWatch concept

It's been going around the web for a few days now but I must say it's one of the nicest designs concepts for an iWatch from Apple that i;ve see so far :) Really nice detailed user interface examples and also very nice to be able to wear the watch in different ways as a clip-on ore a hanger. A good designer too follow, see more of Tomás Moyano’s at
See his Apple iWatch Concept in a stunning circular design here ar Behance:

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