iOS, Three nice articles about setting restrictions and privacy in iOS7

iOS, Three nice articles about setting restrictions and privacy in iOS7

Three nice articles about setting restrictions and savvy on your iPhone iOS7. A must read for parents and guardians who should be in charge of how their children interact with, and use technology.

"By putting restrictions in place, we can assure that children, of all ages, are not subjected to content that exceeds their understanding or appropriateness for their age. The restrictions also assist with preventing aspects such as In-App Purchasing, a popular, but often costly, feature of many games on the iOS platform."

iOS, Fix the “Unable to Join the Network” Error

How to Fix an “Unable to Join the Network” Error in iOS

If you can’t join a wireless network because of the “Unable to join the network” error message / alert

In most cases you can resolve the issue with these steps:
1. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings
2. Enter the devices passcode and confirm the reset
3. Let the iPhone/iPad restart, you’ll see a spinning cursor on the device as it finishes the reset before the device boots back on
4. Go back to Settings > Wi-Fi and join the network again

iOS, Force quite iOS application in iOS7

Killing the app that you are currently running (force quitting) in iOS 7:
1. Hold down the Sleep/Wake button until the Slide to Power Off control appears
2. Hold down the Home button until the screen blanks and you're returned to the Home screen


iOS 7.1 Is here! CarPlay, Siri Improvements, Visual Tweaks And More

iOS, CarPlay

Apple has just released iOS 7.1, the first major update for iOS 7 since its launch back in September 2013.
With support for CarPlay. Three car makers have already demonstrated their CarPlay vehicle integration, including Volvo, Ferrari and Mercedes-Benz.
Apple has put up a full page detailing the new features of iOS 7.1.
Nice to see some more details about updates from Apple, see it here:

iOS, kill apps in iOS 7

Now the fast app switcher is replaced by the card view, holding down creates no jiggles and presents no X to force quit the app. So how do you kill apps in the new, carded, iOS 7 world?
1. Double click Home to launch the multitasking cards interface
2. Touch and hold a card and then toss it up and away.
3. Touch and hold multiple cards to toss multiple cards away. (Up to three - the maximum shown on screen at any time).

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