XcodeGhost? List of iOS Malware effected apps.

For anyone that has one of the apps listed below — update them if an update is available, or delete them immediately and wait until the developer releases a new version with the malicious code removed.
If one of these apps is running on your device, we also recommend that you change your Apple ID password and be wary of any suspicious emails or push notifications to your device asking for personal information.
In general, be wary of apps pushing dialogue boxes to your screen asking for personal information without first being aware of who is asking for it
If you have used your Apple ID password on any other accounts, you should change the password for those accounts, too.

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XcodeGhost Malware – List Of Infected iOS Apps That You Should Delete and Reinstall Right Now:
Angry Birds 2
Card Safe
China Unicom Mobile Office
CITIC Bank move card space
Didi Chuxing developed by Uber’s biggest rival in China Didi Kuaidi
Eyes Wide
Freedom Battle
High German map
Hot stock market
I called MT
I called MT 2
IFlyTek input
Jane book
Lazy weekend
Mara Mara
Marital bed
Medicine to force
Micro Channel
Microblogging camera
Pocket billing
Poor tour
Quick asked the doctor
Railway 12306 the only official app used for buying train tickets in China
Stocks open class
Telephone attribution assistant
The driver drops
The Kitchen
Three new board
Watercress reading